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Letty, Thirsk

I booked 12 sessions with Emma ahead of my wedding in June 2016. Emma listened to what I was looking for - not weight loss as such, but just a lot of toning ahead of fitting into the dress! We worked hard together and I was running a mile in under 9 minutes by the end of our training sessions and holding the plank for over twice as long as my first session - targets I never believed I would be able to achieve. I felt great on my wedding day and cannot thank Emma enough for pushing me to work harder than I knew I could! 

Paula, York 

Emma has pulled together a combination of training programmes to enable me to improve my general fitness. Emma's wealth of knowledge in the principles of training make each session very interesting and enjoyable. I find myself looking forward to each workout with enthusiasm and am motivated to do well to meet my set goals. I have seen significant improvements in my endurance and physical strength. I have also noticed that in areas where I previously had minor recurring joint pain and small injuries have strengthened significantly so that I no longer have these problems. I feel much stronger and fitter, and my muscle tone and definition is greatly improved as well as significant weight loss. As well as the training programmes Emma also advised me on diet and nutrition and I kept a food diary for a month, following this Emma advised on what foods to add to my diet to maintain a healthy food intake. Emma encourages and pushes you to meet your goals and I feel privileged to have such a talented trainer. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Emma to anyone wanting to achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle to get the results they want .

Mark, York      

Emma is the first female Personal Trainer I have worked with, and it's been an amazing experience. She varies each session and keeps me up to date with the best exercises around. Emma pushes me to my limits and ensures I leave the gym having had a real workout, but also giving me sound advice on how to look after myself post exercise.

Dot, Easingwold  

I met Emma for a consultation approx. 3 months ago and decided to start with the 28 day body blitz. I needed to lose weight and be more mobile. Getting out of bed in a morning was a real challenge! Despite being a pensioner Emma worked out a routine that was not only varied and enjoyable but pushed me towards my goals. At my first fitness test I could barely run 30 metres but can now run 5k reasonably well. Certain exercises were difficult to do but Emma worked round the problems to give me alternatives. Food diaries kept me on track and I'm now eating smaller, more frequent and healthier meals. I have lost weight (down 2 dress sizes), regained some shape, feel so much fitter and certainly more motivated! I now have the confidence to continue a regime at a gym as Emma has given me a programme to follow and I know that I can come back for advice if needed. To anyone who thinks they are too old/unable to get fitter - think again! I can highly recommend Emma as a person who will put you on the right road to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Tricia, Newcastle  

Emma was my personal trainer for 6 months leading up to my wedding in 2013. I decided to find a personal trainer to look good on the day but the benefits went far beyond one day. I learnt so much from Emma and the training had a huge impact on my life. I would still be with Emma now if I hadn't left the area but I still sometimes hear Emma's words of encouragement  in my head when I'm at the gym. I was impressed from the moment I met Emma and we made a plan. The training was varied and Emma combined the activities I enjoyed with what I needed to do to achieve results, and I remember feeling so proud when colleagues at work noticed the results too. Emma challenged me to work to my edge but she seemed to know exactly how far to push. I was challenged but I always went home feeling exhilarated and I achieved far more than I imagined possible. Emma is totally professional, knowledgeable, supportive, inspirational and always provided a plan for me to work on between sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma as a personal trainer.

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