About MMPT and Me

About MMPT and Me

Welcome to My Master Personal Trainer (MMPT).

Being a Physical Training Instructor in the Army for many years, inspired me to invest in myself, my development and my business, and, after sourcing many providers of the highest qualification, I was successful in the qualification of Master Personal Trainer, which has given me invaluable experience. As a Master Personal Trainer, who eats, sleeps and breathes Personal Training, I have had the opportunity to train people from all types of backgrounds and with different needs. I believe Personal Training to be a work of art, sculpting each client into a masterpiece, where everyone is unique.

The aim of MMPT is to tailor the sessions to your needs so you achieve the results that you want. If you are looking to lose weight then the emphasis will be high intensity cardiovascular and resistance work, those wishing to tone will find more compound resistance exercises in the sessions and people wanting all round fitness can expect a combination of both.

I believe that most people fail at fitness due to at least one of the following: not putting enough effort into sessions, not training regularly, lack of focus and clearly defined goals, lack of fitness training knowledge and techniques which lead to boredom, not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone due to lack of confidence, not enjoying exercising and not having enough time to fit it in. The main reason I find, is due to the fact, people do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

MMPT will help you succeed, by making sure you give it 100% every session, and by giving you a structured programme to follow that will challenge you, and motivate you to better yourself. My vast knowledge of exercises, will ensure that no two sessions are the same, keeping them fresh and exciting.

Nutritioanl advice is also given to you during the session to suit you and your lifestyle. Your nutrition is a very important part of improving your fitness and losing weight.


Certified Level 4 Certificate in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation

Certified Level 4 Certificate in Physical Activity and Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain

Certified Level 3 GP Referral Exercise Specialist

Certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Certified Fitness Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Certificate in Advanced PT Skills in Nutrition & Weight Management

Certificate in Functional Training & Sports  

Certificate in Clinical Exercise & Specific Populations

Certificate in Motivation & Lifestyle Coaching 

Certificate in PT Business

TRX Suspension Training Instructor 

Indoor Cycling Instructor

Metafit Instructor

Advanced Nutrition for Exercise and Performance - Specialist

First Aid at Work




Email: info@mmpt.co.uk   Tel No: 07775 333875
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