About MMPT and Me


Ok, let's assume you're looking at my site because there is something about your body that you want to change, or perhaps you are already super fit but bored with your routine?

If so, you are in the right place. I can guarantee that you can get the results you want if you work with me, whatever your back ground or future aims.

You don't need a gym, or the fees of a gym membership, to have an effective workout. I use a wide variety of current and innovitive training methods, which contribute to your experience of fun, energising and effective training.

Having me give you workouts at my Private Suite, allows you to have a fantastic fitness and personalised experience. I will help you to exercise from the comfort of a private setting with fantastic views. The training will be flexible and tailored to your diary and individual needs. If you would prefer a home workout set for you, there is no need to worry if you don't have any equipment as I will tailor workouts around items you may have lying around the home/garage etc..

However, if you decide to come to my Private Suite, my variety of high tech equipment, will have you enjoy a full body workout away from the gym and home distractions. 

Are you somebody who wants to exercise but not sure where to start?

Knowing that you want to lose weight for a holiday or wedding, or even that you want to improve your overall health and fitness lifestyle, but, your not sure about what you need to do, can be confusing. The great thing about MMPT is that I can help you get started. I will help you realise exactly what your goals are, and, set realistic time scales for these goals. I will set you a tailor made programme in relation to your goals and with exercises that you WILL enjoy.

Maybe you have a programme, however, are not seeing results?

You are possibly one of these people who has been following a set programme for weeks or maybe even months, yet, you keep asking yourself "why do I not see results anymore?" There is a simple answer to this, and that is, change the programme. MMPT will write you a bespoke programme, and this will be reviewed every 4 weeks. I will also help you understand the reasoning behind reviewing your programmes in relation to your specific goals.

Do you find it's too expensive to regularly see a Personal Trainer?

With MMPT you are not expected to work with me 2-3 times a week to see results, however this is always more beneficial if you are not motivated enough to exercise in your own time. We can still reach your goals together with just ONE session each week, as long as you follow a training regime outside of that one session. 

My Vision

To be known for excellent customer service, unique training methods and cutting edge programmes.

To be client centered, where I will build strong interpersonal rapports with the client, and, to provide an exercise environment that is safe, fun and friendly, ensuring everybody that walks through the MMPT door feels comfortable, empowered and important.

To be known as a Local and National leader in the industry, and, to set the standard for personal training and business practices.

To make business decisions with fairness, honesty and integrity, and, with the client's best interest in mind.

My Mission

To encourage, inspire, coach and support clients to achieve their health and fitness aims in a progressive, entertaining, safe and effective manner.

My Values are ....

To provide an honest and reliable service.
To provide training which meets National Standards.
To provide the opportunity for everyone to learn.
To ensure everyone is treated fairly.
To constantly assess my practices and improve where necessary.
To be available 24/7.
To guarantee results.
To have fun.


My Promise

..... you work with me.... I will change your life!


Email: info@mmpt.co.uk   Tel No: 07775 333875
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